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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Package

In addition, Aroma Cleaning also provides
• Aroma Rengøring is in favor to a better environment, and healthier indoor climate, therefore, we only use environmentally friendly products.

• We provide regular evaluation and follow-up on the work of our employees performance so that you are always satisfied with the performance we deliver.

About Us

We are a new company that will help with your wishes. We emphasize that all our customers receive effective and thorough cleaning. Our service is top and for us it is important to provide a good service, the service that our customers pay for and deserve. We have experience in cleaning and with pleasure and professionalism we help you with their needs.

We believe that happy employees deliver a good job. Therefore, we are very aware that our employees are well and happy, as well as getting the right agreement entitled salary and rights.

In the market for cleaning, prices are under pressure because of the big competition. Price and quality are related, so it also means that many of the cheapest providers have to compromise on quality, thoroughness, control, etc.

We do not want to be the cheapest provider. This would mean that we would not be able to deliver a quality we can stand for.

We never compromise on the quality of our cleaning and we never leave a task before it is resolved with the desired result.

Our Values

• We emphasize that all our customers receive effective and thorough cleaning.

• For us it is important that our employees are well and get the right agreement legitimate pay and rights.

• At Aroma Cleaning we are in favor of a healthy environment, indoor climate, and a living in a clean environment.

With Aroma Rengøring we have gathered a strong team of employees who all deliver high quality work. We know it's a confidence to have strangers in his home. We therefore have a strong focus on ensuring that our customers feel safe by visiting our employees.