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Rates on Fixed Private Cleaning

If we deliver a deal for you a first time discount of 180kr incl. VAT and only pay 4 hours in total.
Remember, you can use tax deduction for approx. 33%.

Rates on Fixed Office Cleaning

• 6-8 desks
• PC monitors and miscellaneous equipment
• Office machines
• Window shield
• Floor panels
• Door frames
• Canteen / kitchen including cleaning twice a year
cleaning of refrigerators and all kitchen cabinets and possibly oven / stove
• Removal of spider web
• 2-3 toilets incl. filling-up of towels / paper and soap
• Various shelving
• Emptying all trash cans
• Vacuum cleaner and floor wash every time
• Window frame every time

Salaries, including holiday pay, pensions, insurance and the like.
Environment approved detergents and tools. (Not vacuum cleaner, we use the customer's vacuum cleaner)