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Aroma Rengøring Services for Business

With Aroma Rengøring,you get a deal with a flexible and stable service company. We provide a clean and environmentally friendly working environment for you and your employees.

Your company can be 100% sure that we do not hire others to clean here, only our employee is coming.

Office Cleaning

Get a fixed cleaning agreement

We would like to make a permanent cleaning agreement with our customers, where we agree on a fixed time, we will carry out the cleaning. That way, you do not have to spend time contacting us every time the office needs a cleaning. No companies are the same, and we therefore always make an office cleaning to suit the needs and needs of each company.

With Aroma Rengøring, we are in favor of a cleaner environment. Therefore, we use chemical-free cleaning products that protect the environment and create a healthier indoor climate.

At the same time, we reduce the risk of allergic reactions from chemicals and perfumes.

When we submit an offer, it is based on a review of the office, as well as a conversation with you about what you want there to be done in your company - in this way we can create 100% satisfaction with the service we perform as it Is based on your wishes and needs.

We emphasize that all our customers receive effective and thorough cleaning.

We want to service our customers as best as possible - therefore we always enter into a dialogue where we listen to their wishes and needs.

Contact us and get a non-binding offer on office cleaning CLICK HERE